If we are looking for a romantic look and simple and does not cost a lot of work to maintain, we can choose some Short hairstyles for wavy hair ideas.

This type of hairstyles for women has different variants and a wide variety of styles and shapes, so only just look at some images and thus obtain the idea of the look that best matches us.

A style used in this 2019 are wavy cut to chin level.

The image you see below shows us a hair with great texture and medium wave with layers, which gives a cutting edge at the ends of the hair. It looks good, right?

2019 Short Hairstyles for Wavy Hair Ideas

This is another way of using the look of short hairstyles for wavy hair. The main feature of this hairstyle for women 2019 are the averages probes leaving behind the ears and long bangs with wavy edges. The curls should go to the jaw and look extremely beautiful oval face with women or round faces.

Another option is to use a hairstyle that makes us look cool and provide a bit of rebellion in our face. With sharp and deep layers we can create a sense of depth with unique waves to greater effect hairstyle. This type of short hairstyles for wavy hair is well suited to the square faces.

With a shorter than usual look, if we choose to pick hairstyle image above we must be very careful maintenance. Texturalizadas abundant waves bring a fresh air to the face, leaving it exposed. With the help of gel or hairspray, we can comb up with our hands, using fingers to mark the waves of hair.