Plans for footpath changes at Apperley Bridge

Apperley Bridge footpath change will improve safety and view for walkers

According to The Wharfedale Observer News

A Horsforth councillor has backed plans to change the route of a footpath to make it safer and to improve the view for walkers.

Apperley Bridge

The plans will see an existing footpath close to Woodhouse Grove School in Apperley Bridge amended to make it safer for users by taking its route away from shared vehicle access and instead take it along the river Aire, improving the riverside views for walkers.

It will also add a total of 86 metres to the Leeds Country Way along the banks of the River Aire.

Councillor Dawn Collins said: “I am glad that, working with Bradford Council and Woodhouse Grove School, we are able to make this change.

“The current path begins in an area with shared vehicular access and, as a result, these changes will take walkers away from the threat posed by moving traffic.

“It is also pleasing that there will now be more attractive riverside views for walkers, hopefully making it a more popular route and increasing its usage by local people.

“Of course it will now have improved links to the Leeds Country Way so it will offer walkers in Horsforth better access to that route as well. I would also like to thank Woodhouse Grove School for their co-operation with this project.”

Angling, Streams and Fly tying exhibition at Bracken Hall Countryside Centre

Bracken Hall Countryside Centre and Museum (link to website) run by Bradford Museums service has an exhibition on rivers, streams and the art of fly tying in association with a handful of local fly tyers. The subject matter of this exhibition often comes up in fly dressing courses organised by fly dressers guild branches, salmon and trout association local branch meetings or adult education night school courses. And will be of special interest to anglers interested in learning to tie their own flies.
This exhibition runs until 29 April

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