Plans for footpath changes at Apperley Bridge

Apperley Bridge footpath change will improve safety and view for walkers

According to The Wharfedale Observer News

A Horsforth councillor has backed plans to change the route of a footpath to make it safer and to improve the view for walkers.

Apperley Bridge

The plans will see an existing footpath close to Woodhouse Grove School in Apperley Bridge amended to make it safer for users by taking its route away from shared vehicle access and instead take it along the river Aire, improving the riverside views for walkers.

It will also add a total of 86 metres to the Leeds Country Way along the banks of the River Aire.

Councillor Dawn Collins said: “I am glad that, working with Bradford Council and Woodhouse Grove School, we are able to make this change.

“The current path begins in an area with shared vehicular access and, as a result, these changes will take walkers away from the threat posed by moving traffic.

“It is also pleasing that there will now be more attractive riverside views for walkers, hopefully making it a more popular route and increasing its usage by local people.

“Of course it will now have improved links to the Leeds Country Way so it will offer walkers in Horsforth better access to that route as well. I would also like to thank Woodhouse Grove School for their co-operation with this project.”

Where does your rod licence money go? Barbel in the Aire…

Barbel, aire, stocking

It is a question which I often hear from anglers when they cough up their hard-earned cash every year to pay for their fishing licence: “What does the Environment Agency do with the money?”

Apart from a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, such as flood defence and pollution issues plus administration costs which receive very little publicity, one of their major projects is at Calverton in Nottinghamshire which is the home of a huge fish farm.

The main species bred there are barbel, chub and roach plus many other species and the resulting fish are used to replenish stocks all over the country.

The latest figures released by the Environment Agency show that over the past year more than 400,000 fish will have been released with our region, the North East, gaining the biggest share with 20 per cent of the haul, which works out at around 83,500 fish. The North West and Midlands both collected 15 per cent (63,000).

The numbers of the various species stocked were chub (91,000), barbel (67,000), roach (56,000), grayling (54,000), rudd (46,000), bream (39,000), tench (37,000) and dace (18,000).

I reported recently that the River Aire below Keighley and several other places down to Thwaites Mill in Leeds had had an influx of barbel in the eight- to-nine inch category and these were thriving for fish from an earlier stocking a few years ago are now in the four-pound class.

From an article in The Yorkshire Evening Post on 27 February 2013

Dowley Gap Locks and Aqueduct (Seven Arches)

Now 17th February

Dowley Gap Locks and Aqueduct aka seven arches

Bring your wellies.

Way back in December (19th) a flyer made the rounds by eMail for a local open day as part of the Winter closures program original planned for 27th January at Dowley Gap Locks and the Seven Arches Aqueduct

Due to the inclement weather i.e. the freeze, the work has been postponed and the Open day rearranged for 17th February, we learned in an email of

An article by Martin Wainwright about this was published in the Guardian and its Northerner Blog originally on the 9th January

Later post on the Guardian Northerner Blog (Jan 24th)

The original flyer is Dowley Gap Lock & Aqueduct poster

Other quite successful open days have been held on days in the past few years at other locations

At this location the Canal passes over the River Aire in an aqueduct of seven brick and stone arches. the canal has been leaking quite seriously at the east end of the aqueduct

The event also appears in the events column on the Canal and Rivers Trust website

The Canal & River Trust is a new charity entrusted with the care of 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales. Get involved, join us – Visit / Donate / Volunteer at

Canal & River Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales with company number 7807276 and charity number 1146792. Registered office address First Floor North, Station House, 500 Elder Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 1BB.

EA Consultation – River Flow and Water Abstraction Standards re Hydropower

This is an Environment Agency Consultation on which we should all be making our views heard, whether as Rivers Trust members, Anglers, Ecologists, Walkers, Cyclists or any other river (or riverbank) user.
Rather than expressing my views hers I’ll just copy and paste from today Monday’s email 2013-01-21

Consultation on river flow and water abstraction standards for hydropower will
be available for you to view and comment between the following dates:

Start date: 21/01/13 09:00

End date: 02/04/13 23:59

Please select the following link to view this event:

If the link appears to be broken, please try copying the entire link into the
address bar on your web browser.

This e-mail has been automatically generated by the Consultation software.

There was also a block about confidentiality of the email, but since anyone can sign up for the consultations alert, anyone can see that block for themselves if they sign up.

You can sign up yourself to be alerted of EA Consultations at

Feedback please

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EU 'WATER' Conference – Wednesday, 27th June 2012


EU ‘WATER’ Conference – Wednesday, 27th June 2012

‘Payments for Ecosystem Services and Catchment Restoration’

Payments for Ecosystem Services are an increasingly topical mechanism for investing in the restoration of rivers catchments.  The WATER project was set up to investigate the role of wetted land within a catchment and identifying the assessment, techniques and economics of restoration.  This conference sets the two main objectives of the projects; firstly, a catchment portal that identifies the different brokers working across our rivers; and secondly, a series of guides aimed at setting up PES projects – The Upstream Thinking project is linked with the WATER project and is put under the microscope to showcase the processes involved in its creation, implementation and future.

For more information about the Conference (27th), Conference Dinner (27th) and Field Trip (28thand to reserve your place, no later than Monday 11th June, please follow this link to the DRAFT Conference Programme and Booking Form.

Kind Regards

Viv Daly

DM Event Services

On behalf of the Rivers Trust

This conference is in Devon at the Duckworth Suite, Exeter Golf & Country Club, Topsham Road, Countess Wear, Exeter, Devon, EX2 7AE


Sue and I met yesterday (31st August) to discuss an article for the T&A and found ourselves wishing we had some photo’s in stock to send.

I’ve set up a Photobucket account so we can set up a stock – we can all post photo’s we’d be ok sharing and to get to photobucket, go to:

User:  Aireriverstrust                 [loggedout]password only revealed to logged in users[/loggedout]
[loggedin]Password:  Salmonleap[/loggedin]

I’ve put some photos (of my holidays, but river related) on there just to get started, so have a shufti round the site.

Leave some photos if you like!



Tweeting (from the email time stream)

From Pat O’Brian

As requested, I highlighted our tweeting of EA work and suggested this as something the Aire Rivers Trust could use to promote the Trust.
David Brazendale (Saltaire AA) is building the ART website and volunteered to look at this.
You’ve now got each other’s e-mail addresses so I’ll leave you both to discuss how this could be of use.

Just as a resource really | MyDoodle | MyDoodle dashboard

Originally from the email stream


In order to chose the best day for a workshop, please click on the Doodle link below and tick those days you are available. I’ve put down all the Sats and Suns in October, although I cant do them all myself. ((original link is now dead, expired or deleted, since poll is finished with))

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