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Invasive species research – your help needed (2)!

Dear readers,

From: Nigel Taylor

Message: Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a new PhD student at the University of Leeds, investigating the
impacts of and interactions between invasive species. I am focusing on the
signal crayfish and Chinese mitten crab.

It seems as if the River Aire could provide some interesting field sites
where these two invaders may meet, with crayfish moving downstream and
mitten crabs moving up. Unfortunately, published data on the invaders’
distributions is scant.

I was wondering if you could provide any information on these two species
in the Aire. Any anecdotal sightings (from informal surveys, residents near
the river, angling clubs etc.) would be very useful. If you have no
information at present, do you have a mailing list or way of circulating my
request so I can be informed if any river users see these species?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

Nigel Taylor


Nigel Taylor
Postgraduate Research Student
Manton Building 8.17
University of Leeds
Clarendon Way LS2 9JT

E-mail: bsngt@leeds.ac.uk
Mobile: + 44 7837 454 076

Invasive species research – your help needed!

Dear readers,

I’m an ecology PhD student at the University of Leeds and as part of my research I’m investigating the impacts of aquatic invasive species in the UK. Animals such as North American signal crayfish, zebra mussels and killer shrimp and plants such as floating pennywort are spreading through our waterways having been accidentally introduced from other countries. Species such as these can cause serious damage to river banks and water pipes and are responsible for dramatic declines of our native flora and fauna.

In the absence of any other form of control, the only way we can reduce the impact of these invasive species as well as diseases that they may introduce, such as crayfish plague and koi herpevirus, is to ensure that we do all we can to prevent their further spread.  Disease organisms and invasive species in their smaller juvenile stages may be accidentally spread between waterbodies on boats, vehicles, clothing and fishing equipment. We are seeking your help to try and get a better understanding of current fishing practices so we can identify possible ways to prevent their spread.

We are therefore distributing questionnaires to anglers as well as canoeists and kayakers to find out more about the rivers that they are visiting and the kit that they are using at each site. This will enable us to see whether there are any areas where the risks from invasive species are likely to be greatest so that awareness campaigns and preventive measures can be targeted to those areas to prevent future outbreaks.

The questionnaire is here: http://www.survey.leeds.ac.uk/anglersurvey I’d be very grateful if you could email the link to the questionnaire around your trust members. The questionnaire takes 5 – 10 minutes to complete and all answers are completely anonymous. Everyone who completes the survey is given the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win a £50 voucher for AnglingDirect online tackle shop.

Please let me know if you’d be willing to help with this. If you require any further information from me, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,

Lucy «email»

Angling, Streams and Fly tying exhibition at Bracken Hall Countryside Centre

Bracken Hall Countryside Centre and Museum (link to website) run by Bradford Museums service has an exhibition on rivers, streams and the art of fly tying in association with a handful of local fly tyers. The subject matter of this exhibition often comes up in fly dressing courses organised by fly dressers guild branches, salmon and trout association local branch meetings or adult education night school courses. And will be of special interest to anglers interested in learning to tie their own flies.
This exhibition runs until 29 April

Bracken Hall Countryside Centre,
Glen Road,
West Yorkshire,
BD17 5EA

telephone/fax: 01274 584140
email: brackenhallcc@btconnect.com

centre opening times

January – March
Wednesday & Sunday only 12 noon – 5pm
Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday only 12 noon – 5pm

The centre also runs walks and has a regular education program with many schools using the centre.


Just as a resource really

doodle.com | MyDoodle | MyDoodle dashboard

Originally from the email stream


In order to chose the best day for a workshop, please click on the Doodle link below and tick those days you are available. I’ve put down all the Sats and Suns in October, although I cant do them all myself.

http://doodle.com/5epzs3kqd4d455uu ((original link is now dead, expired or deleted, since poll is finished with))

Mob: 07879 668641

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Invasive Species LAGs

What are LAG’s?
The google search for “non native species LAG” gives the results

Invasive species Local Action Groups funding. The EA has secured DEFRA funding for 4 years, with the first submission deadline 31-Aug-2011. WFD ((see the EC WFD legislation)) funding

See also: WFD-TAG Water Framework Directive Technical Advisory Group (UKTAG) remit

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Skelton Grange Environment Centre open day 10 September 2011

You may be interested in this BTCV ((originally British Trust for Conservation Volunteers)) event at the Skelton Grange Environment
Centre – on our east Leeds water corridor

The annual Skelton Grange Environment Centre Open Day is taking place on 10th September 2011 11am-4pm.

There will be loads going on at our beautiful nature reserve in south Leeds, with green woodworking crafts, charcoal burning, nature trails, storytelling, music, circus skills, pizzas from our wood fired cob oven, a superb cafe with all sorts of cakes and other goodies – and much more!

There is a leaflet attached to this email, and more details including information of how to find us at http://www.skeltongrange.org.uk/friends/open_day.html

Skelton Grange open day

original information from

Rachel Clunas
Aire Action Leeds Project Officer
Fearns Wharf, Neptune Street, Leeds, LS9 8PB
T 0113 281 6804 M 07917 780 151

www.britishwaterways.co.uk | www.environment-agency.co.uk
www.leeds.gov.uk | www.yorkshirewater.co.uk