Angling Trust – Fish Legal to challenge sewage secrecy at tribunal

1.Fish Legal and Emily Shirley v ICO and United Utilities, Yorkshire Water and Southern Water, was heard at the Upper Tribunal (UT) in London on 10th January 2012.
A report appears on the Angling Trust Website 
– However this does not mean the case is over – first paragraph of the report appears next

Following a 3 year battle and concerted attempts by water companies to prevent an appeal, Fish Legal has finally managed to get the case referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). The Judge at the Upper Tribunal (UT) in London has prepared some legal questions to ask the CJEU to help decide whether water companies are “public authorities” under European legislation, and therefore subject to public scrutiny.

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Water for life [White paper]

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The white paper appeared on 8 Dec 2011 links to it, ((summary, full document etc.)) DEFRA site, on TSO Official Documents, PDF ((of the white paper)) save the environment DO NOT PRINT IT, wasting ink or paper, its 105 pages in length with a fair bit in colour (graphics, photos etc.).

CSO R.Aire 2011-07-18

Combined Sewer Overflow

This is an example of a Combined Sewer Overflow incident on Monday 18th July 19:28, this is not a major pollution incident but when they occur they should be reported to the local water company, in this case it was reported. Persistent and repeated incidents at a CSO are indications that the capacity of the waste water and drains runoff system may be insufficient, and these would be a pollution problem. It occurred after heavy rain