Sunday Observer – water quality cleaning costs

Spotted in the Sunday Observer 2012-06-03

£30bn bill to purify water system after toxic impact of contraceptive pill

Drug firms oppose an EU call for controls on potent chemicals that have been blamed for the gender mutation of freshwater fish

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also related article: ‘Toxic stew’ of chemicals causing male fish to carry eggs in testes (Guardian Wed 21 April 2010) linked to in the article
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Rodley Nature Reserve


I thought you might find this of interest. If you have not been to the reserve I can thouroughly reccomend it for a weekend stroll around the reserve and along the banks of the river, finishing off with a nice cuppa in the reserve office.



Rodley Nature Reserve Press Article

Rodley Nature reserve is on the site of a small former waste water processing plant (sewage works) – today only a pumping station remains active ((water formerly arriving there is now pumped to a larger plant)) the remainder of the site is the nature reserve.
More information on their website