Invasive species research – your help needed (2)!

Dear readers,

From: Nigel Taylor

Message: Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a new PhD student at the University of Leeds, investigating the
impacts of and interactions between invasive species. I am focusing on the
signal crayfish and Chinese mitten crab.

It seems as if the River Aire could provide some interesting field sites
where these two invaders may meet, with crayfish moving downstream and
mitten crabs moving up. Unfortunately, published data on the invaders’
distributions is scant.

I was wondering if you could provide any information on these two species
in the Aire. Any anecdotal sightings (from informal surveys, residents near
the river, angling clubs etc.) would be very useful. If you have no
information at present, do you have a mailing list or way of circulating my
request so I can be informed if any river users see these species?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

Nigel Taylor


Nigel Taylor
Postgraduate Research Student
Manton Building 8.17
University of Leeds
Clarendon Way LS2 9JT

Mobile: + 44 7837 454 076

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