EA consultations

Latest EA consultation:

A consultation on Working Together to deliver river basin management

The Environment Agency has for a long time had a consultations system, some consultations relate to environmental permitting, many to other areas of the agency’s remit.

These consultations always run for a month or more, at the end of the period the Environment Agencywrites a report summarising the responses and how the EA proposes to respond to the consultation.

The consultations summary page is at this link, a list of open and most recent closed consultations ((i.e. usually a link to tyne associated report should be available)) can be found here (6 are currently open at the time of writing – 2012-06-22)

I’m highlighting this on the website rather than trustees email, since I feel the process should have wider publicity.

You can register a consultee account at register, most consultations require you to login to take part in the process.

Today a fairly important consultation for Rivers Trusts and others interested in riverine issues started, its a 6 month consultation.
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Attachments: 2 external links (there are 9 more but only 2 are relevant to our catchment) (1 national document and 10 basin catchments)

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Sunday Observer – water quality cleaning costs

Spotted in the Sunday Observer 2012-06-03

£30bn bill to purify water system after toxic impact of contraceptive pill

Drug firms oppose an EU call for controls on potent chemicals that have been blamed for the gender mutation of freshwater fish

see original article or read full text below (when viewed as single article)

also related article: ‘Toxic stew’ of chemicals causing male fish to carry eggs in testes (Guardian Wed 21 April 2010) linked to in the article
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