Angling, Streams and Fly tying exhibition at Bracken Hall Countryside Centre

Bracken Hall Countryside Centre and Museum (link to website) run by Bradford Museums service has an exhibition on rivers, streams and the art of fly tying in association with a handful of local fly tyers. The subject matter of this exhibition often comes up in fly dressing courses organised by fly dressers guild branches, salmon and trout association local branch meetings or adult education night school courses. And will be of special interest to anglers interested in learning to tie their own flies.
This exhibition runs until 29 April

Bracken Hall Countryside Centre,
Glen Road,
West Yorkshire,
BD17 5EA

telephone/fax: 01274 584140

centre opening times

January – March
Wednesday & Sunday only 12 noon – 5pm
Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday only 12 noon – 5pm

The centre also runs walks and has a regular education program with many schools using the centre.

One thought on “Angling, Streams and Fly tying exhibition at Bracken Hall Countryside Centre”

  1. The local fly tyers responsible for organising / setting up this exhibition are Ken Stokes (original idea, exhibition link and string puller!), Rob Smith see – – Dave Hild (a member of the local Fly Dressing Guild), Rob and Dave both provided invaluable expertise and support in the form of exhibition material and images plus if you visit at the right time demo tying.

    Support was also provided by Fish On Productions and John Tyzak (England International Fly Angler) & Dean Andrews (actor – Life on Mars and local angler) in the form of DVD’s. Also, of course credit to Bradford Council and John Dallas who runs the Bracken Hall Centre and arranged to show some of the natural history exhibition items on show.

    I am posting the above comments because sadly it has come to light that there are a few people who actually had nothing whatsoever to do with setting up this exhibition, but are claiming credit for setting it up! Guess it is praise of sorts!!

    Finally please visit if you are interested in local fly dressing, we hope that given enough interest that this exhibition could be the beginning of a much larger and perhaps permanent exhibition. Interest has already been expressed by the national Fly Dressing Guild and support offered by the Salmon & Trout Association.

    Ken Stokes

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