Learning WordPress

Learning WordPress


As some of you may guess, I am on a number of email lists for a number of topics including some emanating from wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

For those trustees who did not signup in time for the 5 training places session with Bonzai on 2011-01-10 10am or can’t make that date|time I found this link in my email today 23rd Dec that may be of use as a short introductory course on WordPress.
The link to this mini-course can be found at the bottom of this and any page on this site http://learn.wordpress.com

ps. if you watch the video in part 1 and want to sign up at wordpress.com for http://airerivertrust.wordpress.com sorry you are too late for that.

pps. The site http://aireriverstrust.org is already a network of sites some sub-sites that exist already include

and you can have your own personal blog site if you want it.

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