Sue and I met yesterday (31st August) to discuss an article for the T&A and found ourselves wishing we had some photo’s in stock to send.

I’ve set up a Photobucket account so we can set up a stock – we can all post photo’s we’d be ok sharing and to get to photobucket, go to:

User:  Aireriverstrust                 [loggedout]password only revealed to logged in users[/loggedout]
[loggedin]Password:  Salmonleap[/loggedin]

I’ve put some photos (of my holidays, but river related) on there just to get started, so have a shufti round the site.

Leave some photos if you like!



2 thoughts on “Photographs”

  1. The photobucket account seems to have been compromised :(
    – I cannot login to it.
    – posting a password was asking for trouble
    – however as admin I’ve edited the above post for a more secure solution so logged in users ONLY can see the password

  2. Following an email comment from stuart I am adding a second comment (this) to inform all as to the html and plugin keyword directives I edited into the above post

    the footnotes are added by enclosing the footnote in double parentheses

    the url is made to be a live link using the HTML anchor directive a … /a enclosed in brackets

    the password has been marked as struck through using the HTML del directive i.e.
    strike thru … nb extra spaces for visibility in this comment.

    the html directives and other formatting html can be more easily inserted using the icons in the WYSIWYG editing interface

    the hidepost plugin keyword i.e hidepost within square brackets with a closing / could have been used to hide the password from users NOT logged in
    i.e. [hidepost] hidden text [/hidepost]

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