Catchment Management Plans

For your information. At a recent meeting held by the Yorkshire Rivers Trusts the subject of Catchment Plans came up. Alistair Maltby, Northern Director of the Rivers Trust suggested that any trust considering the drawing up of a Catchment Plan should look at a couple of websites which relate to Catchment Plans which have already been drawn up. The main one suggested was the Ripple Project ((RIPPLE stands for Rivers Involving People, Places and Leading by Example.)) ((RIPPLE- Community River Plan – 6 Newsletters Winter 2008 – Autumn 2010)) (The Ballinderry Catchment Plan). Work done by the Eden Rivers Trust was also mentioned.

The meeting was also informed that Anthony Downing of the Rivers Trust will engage with trusts on what they should be doing when drawing up Catchment Management Plans.



2011-09-10 11:01

Fish Pass Working Group meeting 6th October 2011

For your information, a copy of a letter from Craig McGarvey, Yorkshire Area Manager of the EA, and a copy of the presentation which Black and Veatch made to various EA employees and Rivers Trust representatives this week.

I will be attending the meeting on 6th October on behalf of the Trust. Although Stuart (Jobbins) has been invited, he has told me that he will be unable to attend as he will be in Scotland. This may leave the way open for someone else to attend in his place. Please let me know if you are particularly interested in the fish pass issue and if you wish to attend.

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Sue and I met yesterday (31st August) to discuss an article for the T&A and found ourselves wishing we had some photo’s in stock to send.

I’ve set up a Photobucket account so we can set up a stock – we can all post photo’s we’d be ok sharing and to get to photobucket, go to:

User:  Aireriverstrust                 [loggedout]password only revealed to logged in users[/loggedout]
[loggedin]Password:  Salmonleap[/loggedin]

I’ve put some photos (of my holidays, but river related) on there just to get started, so have a shufti round the site.

Leave some photos if you like!