Invasive Species LAGs

What are LAG’s?
The google search for “non native species LAG” gives the results

Invasive species Local Action Groups funding. The EA has secured DEFRA funding for 4 years, with the first submission deadline 31-Aug-2011. WFD ((see the EC WFD legislation)) funding

See also: WFD-TAG Water Framework Directive Technical Advisory Group (UKTAG) remit

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One thought on “Invasive Species LAGs”

  1. Whilst it is interesting to see how funding can be obtained to help with Invasive Species work, I’m not sure it would be helpful if we all piled in making applications for our own pet projects.

    One problem for me is that there are so many such species (Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Knotweed, Signal Crayfish, Mink, Killer Shrimp just to name a few of the well-known ones) that there is danger of many groups putting in many competitive bids in a dog-eats-dog fashion, resulting in none having any critical mass, none being successful in winning funds and none having much impact on controlling the population of any of the non-native species.

    Far better I feel would be to target eradication of one species at a time with co-ordinated and concerted action by all interests in the Aire catchment. And given the resource issue, it would probably be best to have a lead agency to co-ordinate or gatekeep the bids and efforts of all the smaller interest groups.

    In saying this, I bear in mind that Bradford City AA, the EA (via Daniel) and the YWT (via Don Vine) are already starting to talk about joint work to control Giant Hogweed, alongside other environmental priorities such as diffuse pollution. Is this a specific something that other interest groups along the Aire could get behind as well? And if so, what are the next steps to get a bid together for funding after 2011?


    copied from email by DavidB pp JamesM

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