Gargrave weir[R]

Gargrave weir

owned by Systagenix formerly Johnson & Johnson

As I mentioned last night, I have had a meeting today with Neil Trudgill of the EA, Roy Banks of North Yorkshire County Council and a representative of Systagenix to discuss the possibility of the Trust leading a project to put a fish pass on the weir at Gargrave. The meeting went well and it was decided that the project could go ahead.

As the decision is such a big one, involving the launch of out first major project, I think the decision should be subject to approval by the Trust’s trustees. I would appreciate it if anyone has serious reservations that they could let me know. Likewise, an email from anyone in support would also be appreciated. We could wait until our next meeting to discuss this but as it isn’t until October, I think we should start the process before then.

The background to the proposal to put a fish pass on the weir is that it would open up a number of miles of river to brown trout, grayling and, in the future, migratory fish. Weir removal is not a possibility as Systagenix still use the weir to divert water to a dam for possible use by their (fire) sprinkler system. As we are currently being restricted on fish pass schemes due to proposed hydros, I think we ought to take this opportunity to commence a project, particularly as we have the support of the weir owner, the Council and the EA, and funds are available from the Rivers Trust for these kind of projects.

I look forward to hearing from you.


MarkP replied at 2011-08-26 08:14
Sounds like a really good opportunity and one which I would support.

If you need any help in developing the business case for funding then happy
to help.



Tweeting (from the email time stream)

From Pat O’Brian

As requested, I highlighted our tweeting of EA work and suggested this as something the Aire Rivers Trust could use to promote the Trust.
David Brazendale (Saltaire AA) is building the ART website and volunteered to look at this.
You’ve now got each other’s e-mail addresses so I’ll leave you both to discuss how this could be of use.

Fish pass prioritisation plan

The EA’s wonderful fish pass prioritisation plan and top 60 list of
impassable barriers are available to download by clicking the link

We will present this to internal EA staff and representatives of all the
Yorkshire River Trusts next Wednesday 31st August.
Kevin and I attending for ART.

EA have also established a ‘working group’ comprised of River Trusts
reps (Kevin for ART) and also British Waterways. We meet as a group for
the 1st time on 6 October.

The main report, as presented briefly last night, is quite technical,
but as I was involved in putting it together, I am happy to translate
the detail as required.

Please remember that this is just a management tool to allow us to
deliver a robust package of fish pass building over the next 10 years,
(essential for obtaining funding).

It does not mean that weirs not on the list will not be looked at. We
will continue to work with others especially River Trusts to build fish
passes as opportunities arise.
Funding for WFD projects including fish passes is available for River
Trusts to obtain from DEFRA. Partnership working with the EA is
essential for this.

I have a regular dialogue with Kevin on this and lots of information
that will be of use to ART over the next few years.


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North and East Yorkshire

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YO30 4GZ

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In order to chose the best day for a workshop, please click on the Doodle link below and tick those days you are available. I’ve put down all the Sats and Suns in October, although I cant do them all myself. ((original link is now dead, expired or deleted, since poll is finished with))

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Invasive Species LAGs

What are LAG’s?
The google search for “non native species LAG” gives the results

Invasive species Local Action Groups funding. The EA has secured DEFRA funding for 4 years, with the first submission deadline 31-Aug-2011. WFD ((see the EC WFD legislation)) funding

See also: WFD-TAG Water Framework Directive Technical Advisory Group (UKTAG) remit

originally (KS+PB) ((this article is a distilling of information that originally appeared on the email list and the post suitably backdated)) Continue reading Invasive Species LAGs

Rodley Nature Reserve


I thought you might find this of interest. If you have not been to the reserve I can thouroughly reccomend it for a weekend stroll around the reserve and along the banks of the river, finishing off with a nice cuppa in the reserve office.



Rodley Nature Reserve Press Article

Rodley Nature reserve is on the site of a small former waste water processing plant (sewage works) – today only a pumping station remains active ((water formerly arriving there is now pumped to a larger plant)) the remainder of the site is the nature reserve.
More information on their website

Skelton Grange Environment Centre open day 10 September 2011

You may be interested in this BTCV ((originally British Trust for Conservation Volunteers)) event at the Skelton Grange Environment
Centre – on our east Leeds water corridor

The annual Skelton Grange Environment Centre Open Day is taking place on 10th September 2011 11am-4pm.

There will be loads going on at our beautiful nature reserve in south Leeds, with green woodworking crafts, charcoal burning, nature trails, storytelling, music, circus skills, pizzas from our wood fired cob oven, a superb cafe with all sorts of cakes and other goodies – and much more!

There is a leaflet attached to this email, and more details including information of how to find us at

Skelton Grange open day

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Rachel Clunas
Aire Action Leeds Project Officer
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