CSO R.Aire 2011-07-18

Combined Sewer Overflow

This is an example of a Combined Sewer Overflow incident on Monday 18th July 19:28, this is not a major pollution incident but when they occur they should be reported to the local water company, in this case it was reported. Persistent and repeated incidents at a CSO are indications that the capacity of the waste water and drains runoff system may be insufficient, and these would be a pollution problem. It occurred after heavy rain

One thought on “CSO R.Aire 2011-07-18”

  1. I know exactly where this Combined Sewer Overflow is, I’ve been out seen it, only a slight trickle of clean looking water at present, found the nearest Yorkshire Water site infrastructure equipment, a green box very like a BT Openreach or Virgin Media (former NTL/Telewest/Yorkshire Cable) phone/cable infrastructure street cabinet about 50/60 yards away on Coach Road, directly behind the CSO, got the SAI reference no. (actually missing in this case, vandals and/or light erosion on the stickers), and other reference numbers such as the manufacturers and installers numbers often embossed/scratched into metal plates or painted onto label areas and will be using the emergency number no Yorkshire Water 0845 1 24 24 24, also on the cabinet, as soon as I have finished writing this update.

    In light of this I will write up some draft instructions for us, ARTies and the public, to see, eventually on the website, as to how to report CSO incidents. and probably something, separate article, about other pollution reporting procedures such as for the Marley Tip problem

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