We know for some time that the haircuts and hairstyles for men can be just as varied as the women who usually wear. Cutting men’s hair has evolved over the years and indeed we find trends both for short hair to long hair on men, so in the coming days we will give you the keys for every style and also allow you take Finally hair to next year.

Trends in modern haircuts for men and this specifically for short hair are quite varied as though we seem to be imposed by one side cuts that are very, very short, while on the other, we see the toupee and style “spiky” refuses to disappear. The skinheads are still trended, and you see that you can take all kinds of styles and hairstyles so that also for 2019 such cuts are going to take a lot.

On the other hand, both hairs shaved leads immediately to think of the most classic styles. Although you may not seem like 50 years ago men much more hair on the sides or on one of them also cut to the line with that used combing stay much sharper, we also have to say that today many of the cuts and hairstyles that are carried over style “hipster” air “retro”.

Furthermore, 2019 is the year in which the mixture of styles conducive not only to all these cuts “hipsters” and marked that we will see below. We will also be able to meet men who are committed to wearing a hair that is slightly longer and as the effects disheveled both years ago and bang around to the man took.

We can tell you as well that 2019 is a year in which your hair can look radically different if betting trends shaved styled “hipster” or “retro” or are something more formal and current styles and men of all ages.