Sometimes shampooing with the typical grocery store cheap shampoo can lead to long-lasting damage to your hair and scalp. Other times, it’s a dry climate or cold weather that sucks the moisture from your tresses. Dyeing your hair and otherwise styling it can also cause damage.Heal your hair with natural shampoo for curly hair made with ingredients that heal, not harm, your hair and scalp.

Tea Tree Oil

One of the best natural hair care products is shampoo made with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil, which is derived from an Australian plant called Melaleuca alternifolia, naturally locks in the scalp’s natural moisture. Plus, it has anti-fungal properties that eliminate bacteria that can lead to dandruff. It relieves scalp itch almost instantly and unclogs excess sebum to decrease the risk of infections.

Coconut Milk

Tame frizzy, dry and brittle hair with a shampoo made from coconut milk. Coconut milk offers deep conditioning of both the scalp and the roots. It’s especially effective for people who blow dry or dye their hair when paired with a coconut milk conditioner. Spreading pure coconut milk on the scalp is a popular home remedy for dry, itchy skin, but it’s much less messy in shampoo form.

Argan Oil

An argan oil shampoo is a solution enriched with vitamins such as Vitamin E, antioxidants and proteins like fatty acids. It smoothes frizzy, dry hair to make it more manageable and easier to style. A product of the Moroccan argan tree, this solution promotes healthy hair growth, so if you need to cut away a lot of damaged hair but you want to regrow it quickly, reach for the argan oil shampoo.


A compound naturally found in hair, keratin is responsible for keeping hair cells healthy and strong. It’s an ingredient in many solutions for straightening curly or frizzy hair, but in shampoo, it’s just enough to smooth down flyaways and give hair a healthy, shining appearance. A natural keratin solution contains none of the chemicals present in those previous keratin straightening solutions, instead safely building protein levels in your hair so it grows longer and faster with less breakage.

Don’t be afraid to experiment to find which natural shampoo offers you the best results. It’s good to change which product you use to clean your hair and scalp every few weeks to avoid buildup. Keep your bathroom stocked with natural shampoos – and don’t forget the natural conditioners.