As is well known, women do not like to reveal our age, but if you already have more than 50 years and want those extra years to go unnoticed, here I show some haircuts that will be that mature woman They feel very comfortable. Then in Modaellas, best hairstyles for women over 50. Hairstyles that you will feel younger but also trend hairstyles that are currently

When women reach a certain maturity, from age 50, often they begin to bet on short hair. I do not know who is due, perhaps what rejuvenates hair short, but the truth is that today we have such a variety of hairstyles if you’ve already exceeded fifty and not want to cut your hair because I do not have.

Look for example the actress Monica Bellucci who just turned last September 50 springs and celebrated with a change of look in her hair, bangs betting also returns to trend. You did not see anything younger?

Looking for women over 50 who continue betting on long hair, we find a clear example in Michelle Pfeiffer. The actress continues her long hair that takes years, but not only that but also is always committed to the waves or molded hairstyles. Do not feel bad because the choice also of blond color so you can be inspired by it if you wish.

Madonna, another woman who has surpassed 50 but still looks like that pretty. The key to your hair? The blond color and bet no long melana which also has some light waves.

We have seen haircuts and best hairstyles for women over 50 who do not want a haircut, but to reach the ripe age want a change of “look” that is all nothing like choosing a short hair. Mature women know what they like and their haircuts should reflect your personality. For active women, short hair, spiked provide some sex appeal; on the other hand, if you are more conservative cuts on average with many layers and curls it is accurate, according to the type of face.

Of all the hairstyles of short hair, and for a woman 50 years, it is best to provide for a simple style, without extravagance as the “celebrity” Kris Jenner as you see in the picture above looks. She has returned to fashion short hair, with bangs and styled “pixie” that never gets old. Do not come any better than this cut.